Are You Bored?

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These are things we need done. As a wastebasket, Uncyclomedia relies on the idiocy of its contributors and their passion with menial slave labor designed to be done by monkeys. Fortunately, you came along and saved us the trouble of having those monkeys peeled off of the general's wife and bringing them here!

Being active here[edit]

You can:

  • work out a nice idea for a new project (Request a new project): after approval you will get an empty namespace here on UnMeta to work it out.
  • adopt an Uncyclomedia wiki (one without community of course) and make an embassy for it here.
  • follow Uncyclomedia on Facebook

General tasks[edit]

Categorising pages[edit]

There are probably some pages and categories that need to be categorised. You can help by categorising them into these!


These pages are lonely. Everybody hates them and nobody wants to link to them. You can help by forcing other pages to link to them.

Admin tasks[edit]

Delete some crap articles[edit]

See Requests for deletion.

Make some new sysops/bureaucrats/bots[edit]

See Requests for permissions.

More coming in time!