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I am W. Chan, a very active member on Traditional Chinese Uncyclopedia and a very inactive admin/founder on Cantonese Uncyclopedia. I am a programmer(sort of) and I often write code snippets for fixing stuffs.

I am also the theoretical ambassadors of Traditional Chinese Uncyclopedia and Cantonese Uncyclopedia. You can always find me at zh-hk:User_talk:W. Chan.

Accounts that I own on Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia and Wikia


Human Languages

I can speak a few languages, including Mandarin(both of Mainland China and Taiwan), Cantonese, English and a little bit of Japanese(but I can't understand other people speaking Japanese except a few words). I understand writings of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, English, and Japanese(but I can't write full sentences of Simplified Chinese and Japanese).

Computer Languages

I can understand HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Wikitext, WikiCreole, Ruby, MoinMoin, ReST, Markdown, and XML.I can write all of the above except Ruby.