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In the world today, there are several ways to prove who you really are. I am communicating information with my English account, Twitter, blog, YouTube and this UnMeta. I never speak with an Anonymus (many LTA using a name that mimics me subtlely) every time. That is understandable no matter who thinks, that is a wrong(other) accounts. It is beacause I am not an anonymous. user. I am a recorded user and I have a way to prove identitis. So, I do not need to tell a lie. Because all my false charges can be cleared with public logs. For me, it is difficult to translate English into Japanese, and Japanese to English. But I may be able to do it once a week, so please watch over it.

And I'll add that:

I have found certain evidence to prove that Muttley has committed false charges. It is logical and can be verified by a third party. However, it needs to organize various information and it takes time. Please Japanese users don't trust Muttley. He is worst lier.

今日では、あなたが実際誰であるかを証明する方法はいくつもあります。 私は英語のアカウント、Twitter、ブログ、YouTube、そしてこのUnMetaで情報をやり取りしています。 私は匿名で話すことは決してありません(多くのLTAは私を微妙に模倣する名前を使っています)。それは誰が考えても、それは間違った(他の)アカウントだと理解できます。 なぜなら、私は匿名ではないからです。私は登録ユーザーであり、私には同一性を証明する方法があります。私には嘘をつく必要がありません。なぜなら、私に付けられた濡れ衣は、公開されている情報だけで払拭できるからです。私にとって、英語を日本語に、日本語を英語に翻訳するのは難しいものです。 しかし、私は週に一度の頻度でなら可能だとみこしています。あなたはそれを見守っていてください。




I was a user of Japanese Uncyclopedia...ja:User:Ganohr(It was blocked, and this blocked history was broken by LTA)

I have an account of English... here.

Sorry for I'm not good at speak/write in English. But, I will try there, because of this.

Ofcourse, I'm not same the user User:Anonymous Investigator. I'm not an anonymous.

I have any account of real worlds are:(It's not PR)

  • YouTube: here
    • Only English subtitles are this. I'm not bot, and even though not an Anonymous.
  • I have an account on Twitter: here
  • I have a blog: here

These information will contribute to my identity proof.

I think that:

  • SHINJI and Muttley isn't a same user.
  • But, I can say out loud that theirs are Problematic Dictator.

So, I'll write in English and Japanese to:

  • It's why I blocked?
  • And why I say "theirs are dictator"?.




Under constructions.

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