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Uncyclopediathink is the ideology of the English Uncyclopedians. This page is currently about the application of Uncyclopediathink to the other Uncyclopedia-language projects (Desciclopédia, Ikkepedia, Oncyclopedia...). Later, someone might add other information about Uncyclopediathink.

Uncyclopediathink always had a great influence on the development of other languages, which mostly were created in an Uncyclopedia namespace (before the idea of an UnMeta wiki saw the daylight). Now, most of the wikis evolved their own way and usually have their own policy as well. In other words, the management of each Uncyclomedia wiki is different and has its own rules. However, one must apply Uncyclopediathink selectively. The problem is that Uncyclopedians like to claim that they are the mother wiki and that their rules and decisions must be piddled upon sister language projects. Problems occur when contributors to non-en-Uncyclopedia bring too much Uncyclopediathink:

  1. The doubleplusungood abusers of Uncyclopediathink are the vandals, who will destroy pages on non-Uncyclopedia projects but boast that they are vandalising Uncyclopedia.
  2. Then there are contributors, who, when they discover that something is unlike en-Uncyclopedia, flee back to the en-Uncyclopedia village pump and ask for help, or want to request someting. (The responding Enuncyclopedians then correctly redirect such contributors to this Meta-Wiki.)
  3. Then there are contributors who cite en-Uncyclopedia policy, before other users remind them that the wiki has its own local policy.
  4. Then there are contributors who act well, but refer to the local community as "Uncyclopedians", or claim that they are contributing to "Uncyclopedia".
  5. Then there are old Uncyclopedians who have been contributing for a long time ago and now return to the current situation. They discover that things have gone their own way and absolutely want to revert it to the old situation.

EVERY UNCYCLOMEDIA WIKI IS FREE TO GO ITS OWN WAY AND IS NOT COMPULSORY TO COPY en.UNCYCLOPEDIA. They are only bound together by interwiki links and UnMeta, this wiki. They have the same humour concept in common, but let's also focus on differences in stead of focussing on "uniformising" them. The values of Uncyclomedia wikis lie in the differences and we can learn from it. There is no kind of humorous multiculturalness, but there are lingual entities. Lingual entities must keep their sovereignty.

UnMeta gives these projects a chance to have relationships with "fellows" in other languages on a neutral place. UnMeta gives each Uncyclomedia project the chance to ally, to ally against the ones who want to destroy the concept of humour and parody.


Before you start thinking we are declaring war against Uncyclopedia or are attempting to boycott the English community in any way, please stay calm, take a few breaths, don't forget to exhale and notice it's just a principle parodied from a Wikimedian essay. There are some principles that still count, but not every word should be taken literally.

And... hey... we won't start a war against Uncyclopedia. We don't even have weapons.