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The new Uncyclopedia Bios project (idea originally from AcidAmmo).

Note: No flames, zero tolerance. You WILL be banned, and not warned. Just ask yourself, "Could this be considered a flame by a person with a very fragile ego?" If the answer MIGHT be yes, don't type it. If this Uncyclopedian murdered your family, raped your child, or ran over your dog, by all means, feel free to flame them... somewhere else.

Notable Uncyclopedians[edit]


This user lives in Oklahoma. He has written between 5 featured articles. He helped create Ask Cthulhu and ran the 3rd Poo Lit Surprise contest. Has won both WotM and UotM.


This user lives in Iowa, and is currently attending the local high school. He has written 5 featured articles, none of which were all that great... He makes various contributions to Uncyclopedia, but mainly deals with maintenance issues.


Currently living in England and going to a Sixth Form at a Performing Arts College. In Uncyclopedia he deals with maintenance stuff and writes when he can.


New York City software engineer by day, prolific Foolitzer Prize-winning UnNews writer by night.


Web artist and part-time humour writer. Has had his work exhibited at art galleries across the North West of England and won the inaugural Poo Lit Surprise (best illustrated category) on humour wiki Uncyclopedia.