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This list contains material from Wikipedia:List of backronyms, open-content under the GFDL. The original article has long since been deleted.

Audio and video[edit]

Not originally acronyms
Akai Another Kaput Audio Invention
Bose Buy Other Sound Equipment
Better Order Something Else
Koss K-tel's Obsolete Sound System
Keep Ordering Spare Speakers
Lear Lousy Eighttrack Audio Recordings
(8-track cartridges, oddly, were invented by the brain behind LearJet as a first-and-only foray into car audio. Now obsolete.)
Sony Seems Obsolete Next Year
Soon – Only Not Yet
Send Over Nippon Yen
Teac Tapes Eaten And Chewed
Re-interpreted acronyms
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
(North America/South Korea digital)
Always The Same Colour
Analogue Televisions Seldom Compatible/Scrapped Completely
A Terribly Steep Cliff
Always Trying to Sell Converters
CAM Conditional access module Costly Add-on Module (a PCMCIA-like device to accept smart cards for pay-TV on DVB receivers)
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Deficient Video Bandwidth (due to overuse of compression to put multiple channels on same carrier)
DVD Digital video disc, Digital versatile disc Defective Video Display
FTA Free-to-air TV Folks Talking Arabic, in reference to the large quantity of available free ethnic television
JBL Junk, But Loud
JVC Japan Victor Company Junk, Very Cheap
LG Lucky Goldstar Life's Garbage, Lousy Garbage (actually "Lucky Goldstar" amounts to the same thing - but slogan is "Life's Good" to effectively obscure the original Goldstar name).
-LP and -CA
(TV callsigns)
"Low Power" and "Class A" "Lousy Picture/Lousy Programmes", "Crappy Audio" (too many commercial low-power TV operations are informercial-laden UHF broadcasts of abysmally-low quality)
NTSC National Television System Committee (US, 1941/1953) Never The Same Colour
Never Twice the Same Colour
No Two the Same Colour
Never Tested Since Christ
PAL Phase Alternate by Line (UK/Germany) Peace/Perfect At Last
Picture Always Lousy
Pale And Lurid
RCA Radio Corporation of America Really Cheap Audio
Rednecks Can't Agree
Really Crappy Appliance
SCART Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs Strange Connector Americans Rarely Try
SECAM Sequence de couleurs avec mémoire System Essentially Contrary to the American Method
Shows Every Colour All Murky
Système Elégant Contre les AMéricains (Elegant System Against the Americans
SECAM is the French colour analogue TV system)
SP/DIF Sony/Philips Digital Interface Strange Plug, Does It Fit?
VCR Video cassette recorder (earlier VTR's used open-reel tapes) Vile Crap, Regurgitated
VHS Vertical Helical Scan Virtually Hopeless Signal
(originally stood for Vertical Helical Scan but believed by most people to mean Video Home System)



ABC Annoying Basically Crud
Another Boring Channel
Always Bull Crap
Animal Broadcasting Company (short-lived slogan that appeared during Saturday morning cartoons)
Anything But Colour
BBC Blokes, Blimey Chaps
Blair Broadcasting Corporation
Brow-Beating Communists
CBC Communist Broadcasting Corporation
Canada's Best Commentators
Canadian Broadcorping Castration
CKO Completely Kaput. Off-air.
CBS Complete BS
Constantly Boring Shows
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
Communism's Censored Television
CMT Coal Miners' Television
Canned Meat and Turnips
CNN Completely Nasty Network
Completely Neophyte Newscasters
Continuously Negative News
Chicken Noodle News
Chicken Noodle Network
Clinton News Network
Commie/Communist News Network
Comedy News Network
Conservative News Network
Contains No News.
CSPAN Congressmen Stonewall Progress, Americans Notice.
CSTV Cheap Shot Television
CTV Canned Trivial Video
CW Can't Wait (refers to the fact that some people want to see CW on the air ASAP)
Cool, What is it?
Champions and Winners
Completely Worthless
Could Work
Continuous Wave (morse code)
FOX News Foundation Of Xenophobes Needlessly Embellishing War Stories
ION Infomercials' Own Network
LIN Lesbians In Need
MSG Must Serve God
MSNBC More Stupid News Broadcast Constantly
MTV More Turkey and Veal
NBC Neutered By Cable
Neutered By Censors
Never Bull Crap
Nothing But Cosby
Naruto, Bo^7, and Caseclosed (sic)
NPR National Propaganda Radio
PBS Pretty Bland Stuff
Precious Broadcasting System (National Lampoon parody of NY broadcaster WPBS-TV, but "donate $x million and win our studio buildings in downtown Manhattan" suggests a WNET 13 parody)
Petroleum's British Subsidiary (because of sponsorship by oil companies and heavy use of British-originated programming)
RKO Red Kills Orange
Really Kinky Orgasms
[[wikipedia:Radio Telef%EDs %C9ireann|RTE]] Really Terrible Entertainment
SBS Sex Between Soccer
(Australian multi-lingual public broadcaster which regularly screens soccer games, and international movies with frequent nudity and sex scenes)
Soccer Broadcasting Station
Stupid Brits Suck
TBN The Blasphemy Network (moniker applied by Apologetics Index[1] and others[2] due to use of prosperity theology doctrine to solicit ever-increasing amounts of money with little or no accountability.)
UPN Unlimited Programming for Negros
UnderPaid Niggers
Urban Programming Network
UnPopular Network
Urban People's Network
Used Parts Network
WB Wasted Bandwidth
We're Black!
Watched Barely
What a Bore
WTN Whining Television Network
(Originally Womens Television Network)
YES You Eat Shit?

Reinterpreted ITU radio callsigns[edit]

Station Freq. Market
CF-CK Canada
CFNY 102.1MHz Toronto Canada's First New Youth
Canada Fucks New York
CHUM 1050kHz, 104.5MHz Toronto Come Hand Us Money
Can't Help Us Mature
K Western US (west of the Mississippi River)
KMIA 720kHz Phoenix Killed, Missing In Action
(transmitters sabotaged in March 2006 using welding torches to cut four of seven towers, causing their collapse)
VO Newfoundland The Dominion of Newfoundland radio callsign prefix VO has typically been backronymed as "voice of". See Canada CF-CK for commercial stations originally on-air after 1949.
VOCM 590kHz St. John's "Voice Of Church (of) Mary"
"Voice Of the Common Man"
(if one were being critical) "Voice Of Complete Morons".
VOAR 1230kHz St. John's Voice of Adventist (Church) Radio
Voice Of African Radio (Internet-based namesake)
VOWR 800kHz St. John's Voice of Wesley (United-Methodist Church) Radio
W Eastern US (east of the Mississippi River)
WBAI 99.5 FM New York City We Beg At Intervals (listener-sponsored station)
WBAP 820kHz Dallas We're Bad Ass People
WDAO 1210kHz Dayton White Days Are Over (earlier Black format)
WIP 610kHz Philadelphia We're In Pain
Work In Progress
WKRP n/a Cincinnati We Keep Radios Playing
WKTU 103.5 New York City We Kill The Undead
World's Loudest Wireless (historic experimental 500kW AM broadcast, abandoned due to interference with other stations)
World's Loudest Station
was World's Largest Store (from Sears-owned radio) and Worlds Largest Wireless (respectively)
WLYK 102.7MHz Cape Vincent Will Let You Know
WNYC 93.9MHz
New York City
We Need Your Contributions
WPGC 1580kHz
Washington We're Poor, Got Cash?
WPTF 680kHz Raleigh-Durham We Pity The Fool
WSMB 1350kHz Memphis We're the Super Mario Bros.!
WTMI n/a Miami Way Too Much Information
(a one-time classical music station that kept their newscasts under one minute)
Watch it, You Fucking Queer!

Reinterpreted ITU television callsigns[edit]

CF-CK Canada (CB, nominally allocated to Chile, is also used by some CBC stations)
CBOT 4 CBC Ottawa CBC Ottawa TV Can't Blame Others Totally
CFTO 9 CTV Scarberia Canada's Foremost, Toronto's Own Can't Fool Torontonians Often
Can't Feel Totally Objective
CHCH 11 ONtv Hamilton Hamilton's Channel Can't Help Can't Hear
Completely Hopeless Crap (from) Hamilton
CHOT 40 TVA Hull Hull-Ottawa TV Completely Hideous Outaouais Télévision
CJOH 6, 8
CTV Nepean Ottawa-Hull Complete Junk (from) Ottawa-Hull
CKND 9 Global Winnipeg KCND Pembina, a station this one replaced Codename: Kids Next Door
CKWS 11 CBC Kingston Kingston Whig-Standard Capturing Kingston's Worst Signal
K Western US (west of the Mississippi)
KABC 7 ABC Los Angeles American Broadcast Co. Keeps Annoying Bored Californians
KCAL 9 Ind. Los Angeles California Keep Checking Alliance Links
KCDN 35 DayStar Kansas City Kansas City Daystar Network Keep Crapping Day and Night
KCWE 29 CW Kansas City Kansas City's World of Entertainment Kansas CW Entertainment (callsign predates Columbia-Warner's "The CW" )
2 CBS Pittsburgh Dumont Television Network WDTV: We're Dead, Tell Victor
KEYE 42 CBS Austin EYE:the CBS logo Keep Eating Your Eyeballs
KMAX 31 CW Sacramento MAX:maximum Killer Movies Are X-rated (station started with an all-movie format)
KPBS 15 PBS San Diego Public Broadcasting Service Kids, Please Be Silent!
W Eastern US (east of the Mississippi)
WABC 7 ABC New York City American Broadcast Company We'll Always Be Crying/Cynical
We're A Boring Channel
WAFB 9 CBS Baton Rouge American Family Broadcasting We're Always Fucking Bush
WBFS 33 MyTV Miami We're Brain Food for Suckers
Watch Badly Fading Signal
We Broadcast Florida's Stupidity
Winners? Bull-Fucking-Shit!
CBS Boston
From WBZ radio and
former WJZ radio in New Jersey
Who're the Bastards/Jerks at Zope?
(Zope is the company that manages the websites for WBZ-TV and WJZ, along with their sister stations)
WCAU 10 NBC Philadelphia From sequential AM radio callsign[3] We're Crap And Unwatchable
WCAX 3 CBS Burlington College of Agriculture extension We Clearly Are eXperimenting
(In the first days of TV, stations did use W2X... or K2X... calls where X legally indicated experimental status; WCAX-TV is not of this series.)
WCBS 2 CBS New York City Columbia Broadcast System We Can't Be Serious
WCCB 18 Fox Charlotte Charlotte's Cy Bahakel (founder and owner) Where Communists Come to Breed
WCCO 4 CBS Minneapolis Washburn Crosby Co. Watch Comedy Central On-air
WCIU 26 Ind./MeTV Chicago Chicago IL UHF We Can't Inform U (refers to the lack of news)
WCNY 24 PBS Syracuse Central New York We Constantly Need You
WDCA 20 MyTV Washington District of Columbia We're Dick Clark's Ancestors
WDSU 6 NBC New Orleans DeSoto Hotel (former location) We're Drowned, Still Underwater (one of the New Orleans transmitters flooded by Hurricane Katrina in 2005)
WECT 6.1 NBC Wilmington Eastern Carolina Television We're Exceptionally Crappy Television
WETM 18 NBC Elmira Elmira Times Mirror (former owner) We Expect Too Much
WGCL 46 CBS Atlanta We're Georgia's CLear TV (former slogan) We're the Gulf Coast League!
WGN 9 CW Chicago Worlds Greatest Newspaper (from Tribune-owned WGN radio) We Got Nudes
WGTW 48 TBN Philadelphia We're Great Television to Watch We've Got To Wait
WHNS 21 Fox Greenville NC Harry 'N Stella (Pappas) (original owners) We Have No Signal
We Have No Soul
WITI 6 Fox Milwaukee Independent Television Inc. (original owner) We're Idiots-Total Idiots
WJAR 10 NBC Providence From WJAR radio We're Jerks All Right
WKBD 50 CW Detroit Kaiser Broadcasting Detroit We Kill Bitches Dead
WKBW 7 ABC Buffalo From WKBW (Well Known Bible Witness) radio We Know Buffalo's Watching
Wimpy Kitty Baby Whiners (used by Jim Carrey's character in the movie Bruce Almighty after getting fired by the station)
WKYC 3 NBC Cleveland KYW Cleveland We Know You Cleveland
WLAE 32 PBS New Orleans Louisiana Education We Laugh At Everyone
WLBT 3 NBC Jackson Lamar Broadcast Television We Lynch Black Trespassers
(original station lost its license due to racist coverage of 1960's US civil rights movement and repeated censorship of network news broadcasts. A new owner under a new license later was to implement racial integration)
WLNY 55.1 Ind. New York City Long Island NY We Love New York
WLS 7 ABC Chicago World's Largest Store (from Sears-owned radio) We Love Sex
WLWC 28 CW Providence We Love Wooden Cars, We Love Watching Cable
WNAB 58 CW Nashville Nashville WB We're Nearing Another Bankruptcy
(past owner had gone bankrupt)
WNBC 4 NBC New York City National Broadcast Company Watch News Because of Chuck (Chuck Scarborough, 11PM newscast anchor since 1974)
WNDY 23 MyTV Indianapolis NDY:Indy We're Not Dead Yet!
WNED 17 PBS Buffalo-Niagara Western NY Education We Need Every Dime
We Need Every Dollar
WNEG 32 CBS Toccoa-Athens NorthEast Georgia We're Not Even Good
We're Never Ever Great
WNET 13 PBS Newark-New York City National Educational Television Watching for Nine/Eleven Terrorists
WNYT 13 NBC Albany NY Television We Need Your Time
WNYW 5 Fox New York City From WNEW radio calls What's News, You'll Wonder
WOIO 19 CBS Cleveland Ohio We're Overtly Idiotic, Okay?
WOWK 13 CBS Charleston Ohio, WV, Kentucky Westwood One Wants Kash
WPBS-TV 16 PBS New York Watertown Public Broadcast Service We'll Pledge-Break Soon, Thanks Viewers!
WPCW 19 CW Jeanette-Pittsburgh Pittsburgh CW We Pittsburghers Can't Wait
WPIX 11 CW New York PIX: Picture newspaper We Prefer channel IX
WPRI 12 CBS Providence Providence RI We're Probably Really Ill
WRAL 5 CBS North Carolina Raleigh We Really Are Lesbians
WRDC 28 MyTV North Carolina Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill We Really Don't Care
(said by a disgruntled ex-employee after being fired by the new owners in 1992)
WSB 2 ABC Atlanta Welcome South, Brother (from AM station) We Suck Balls
WSLS 10 NBC Roanoke Shenandoah Life Station Watch Sex, Love & Secrets
WSOC 9 ABC Charlotte We Serve Our Community
Sounds Of Charlotte
(both from WSOC radio)
We Show Only Crime
We Show Only Crap
WTBS 17 TBS Atlanta Turner Broadcast System We Take Broads (or Bitches) to Sell
Previous callsign WTCG: Watch This Channel Grow
WTEN 10 ABC Albany Ten (channel number) We Televise Evil News
WTVJ 6 NBC Miami We're TV for Jerks/Jackasses
We Televise Junk
WUPA 69 CW Atlanta UPN Atlanta We're UnderPaid Atlantans
WUPL 54 MyTV New Orleans UPN Louisiana We're UnderPaid Lesbians
WUPV 65 CW Richmond UPN Virginia We're UnderPaid Virgins
WVIT 30 NBC Hartford Viacom Television Watch Very Insipid Television
WWAY-TV 3.1 ABC North Carolina Way We Want All of You - To Vomit
WWHB 48 Azteca Palm Beach William H. Brothers (former owner) We Want Hot Bitches
WWJ 62 CBS Detroit From WWJ radio
(was WGPR: Where God's Presence Radiates)
We Watch Junk
We Want Jordan (of sports fans wanting Michael Jordan on their team)
WGPR: We Got Pulled from Riyadh (the original ethnic programming was dropped once CBS purchased the station to replace Channel 2, now Fox)
WWLP 22 NBC Springfield MA William L. Putnam Was Woefully Low-Powered (WWLP and former rebroadcaster WRLP-TV were named for station founder William and brother Roger Lowell Putnam. The region is mountainous, making UHF reception difficult. Hence WRLP "we're really low-powered" as full-power repeater, long-since decommissioned and relocated to Utah.)
WWMT 3 CBS Kalamazoo We're West Michigan Television Why Watch My Television?
We Want More Time
WWOR 9 CW New York From WOR radio War of the Worlds Own Radio
WWNY 7 CBS Carthage Watertown New York We're Whining Northern Yokels


Not originally acronyms
Beastie Boys Boys Entering Anarchistic States Toward Internal Excellence
Boys Entering Altered States To Induce Ecstasy
Big Daddy Kane King Asiatic, Nobody's Equal.
Group W Great! Really Old UnderPaid Workers!
KISS Kids/Knights In Satan's Service
Rap Retards Attempting Poetry; with the entrance of white rappers like Eminem, this can be retro-fitted to Cracker Retards Attempting Poetry.
Westwood One We Especially Steal Television's Weaker, Older, and Out-of-style Deadbeats, and Open New Establishments
Wu-Tang Clan Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game
We Usually Take All Niggers' Garments.
Re-interpreted acronyms
AC/DC Anti-Christ/Devil's Children
ATHF Americans Tend to Have Fun
Always Talking to Harry and Florinda
Assistance in Telemarketing, Hacking, and Fornicating
CSI Can't See It
Corpses Seldom Impress
CSI: NY Can't See It? Not Yet.
DS Die Satan!
Dark Sun
Dallas Stars
Done with Sex
Deal with Satan
Dark Shadows
Dark Skies
EPCOT Every Person's Country, Only Tiny
FMA Foreign Money Association
For More Airtime
Fuck Me in the Ass
Florida, Mississippi and Alabama
MTM Must Tell Mary
NFL No Fun League
NTA Not That Awful
Not That American
Never Totally Anticipated
Now To Atlanta
Never Tell All
New/No Theaters Anticipated
Not a Theater Available
Nice Timing Asshole
Not Today Asshole
No Time at All
Nice Try Asshole
NVE (Australian Office for Film and Literature Classification, used for pornography) Not Very Entertaining.
SNL So Not Lucky
So Not in Love