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A backronym or bacronym is the inverse of an acronym, that is, the words of the expanded term were chosen to fit the letters of the acronym.

This list contains material from Wikipedia:List of backronyms, open-content under the GFDL. The original article has long since been deleted.

Reverse etymology[edit]

A retronym is a new word or phrase coined for an old object or concept whose original name has become used for something else or is no longer unique. Many of these are created by advances in technology.

Is Was
ARM "Advanced RISC Machine" Acorn RISC Machine [1]
APRS "Automatic Packet Reporting System" Automatic Position Reporting System, an interface between GPS and amateur radio.
DVD "Digital Versatile Disc" In computing and audio, a valid backronym for what was originally a digital video disc; the DVD Consortium supposedly has never claimed that the letters DVD stood for anything specific.
gcc Gnu Compiler Collection Originally Gnu C Compiler, other compilers and languages have since been added to the package.
OCLC Online Computer Library Center Ohio College Library Center
PINE Program for Internet News and Email A recursive acronym: PINE Is Not Elm.
RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
VHS Video Home System Vertical Helical Scan

False etymology[edit]

Chav claimed to mean "council house and violent", variously said to be derived from chavi (Romany for child), charver (Romany for prostitute), Chat (1950s/1960s slang for promiscuous Chatham girl) or chaff (unwanted part of grain);
Cop identified by some as "constable on patrol" (or "citizen on patrol" in the United States), this originally might not be an acronym at all (origins murky) but any of:
  1. a reference to grabbing the alleged villain (sharing origins with "it's a fair cop" or even "to cop a feel", all thought to be from the Latin capere, meaning "to capture.")
  2. a shortened form of "Copper" since badges were made from the material in certain cities when professional policing began. Or more likely, a reference to the copper buttons on the blazer of English police, where "Copper" is still a slang term for policeman.
CQ In amateur radio, an invitation for any station in an area to reply or begin conversation. Come Quickly, (like the CQD, Come Quickly Distress!/Disaster!/Danger!/Dammit! call, below) is false, although CQ phonetically yields seek you. CQ on its own was originally a railroad telegraph code for a message addressed to any/all stations on the line, but does not and did not signify distress per se.
CQD A now-disused predecessor to the SOS or Mayday distress calls, variously reinterpreted as Come Quick, Distress!/Disaster!/Danger!/Dammit! Origin appears to have been a Marconi company signal created in 1904 by appending D (distress) to an existing standard code for non-emergency call to any station, CQ. With many stations operating on or near the same frequencies, with little or no receiver selectivity, a plain CQ could otherwise easily be lost among interference from other signals in an emergency.
Fuck urban legends often give this vulgarism a backronymic folk-etymology such as Fornication Under Consent of the King, Found Under Carnal Knowledge, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, or Fornication Unlawful in the Commonwealth of the King.[1]
Golf a popular urban legend states that the game of golf originally stood for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. [2]
IHS Supposed to stand for "In His Service," "I Have Suffered," or "Iesus Hominum Salvator;" in fact it is a Christogram derived from the first three leters of "Jesus" in Greek.
Posh said to stand for Port Out Starboard Home, referring to the most favoured cabin location on ships travelling to and from the east.
RIP Rest in peace. The actual origin, while very similar, was an abbreviation from the corresponding phrase in Latin.
RSVP Some think to be Respond So Very Promptly; actually répondez s'il vous plaît - French for Respond if you please.
Shit Ship High in Transit
SOS Save Our Ship; Sinking, Oh Shit;Save Our Souls; SOS rendered in Morse code (· · · — — — · · ·) provided an easily detected and recognised 3 x 3 signal pattern where the SOS prosign is sent as a single Morse character without inter-character spacing.
Tip an urban legend claims that "tip" (as in a gratuity for services) is an acronym for To Insure Promptness.
Troop A debunked urban legend once claimed Troop clothing to be owned by the KKK, the name standing for "To Rule Over Oppressed People."
Twink Supposedly for "Teenaged, white, into no kink." Origin unknown, more likely a nickname based on the Twinkie™ pastry.
Wop Without Papers, supposedly from the immigration process. In the UK, the derivation is given as "Western Oriental Person" meaning an Oriental immigrant into a Western country.
This derogatory term actually comes from the Spanish "guapo", by way of Italian dialect "guappo", both of which mean "handsome".
Fob Fresh off the Boat, used by Americans to describe immigrants to the United States.
Fart Fecal Air, Rectally Transmitted; actually, the word comes from the old English word for flatulence: feorten.

Backronyms as mnemonics[edit]

Ahimsa A religious concept which advocates non-violence and a respect for all life; it is Sanskrit for avoidance of himsa. Himsa is injury to sentient beings. Backronymed as "Abstinence from animal products, Harmlessness with reverence for life, Integrity of thought, word, and deed, Mastery over oneself, Service to humanity, nature, and creation, and Advancement of understanding and truth".
Apgar A brief medical examination of new-born babies - named after the doctor who introduced it. Can be understood as Appearance (skin color), Pulse (heart rate), Grimace (reflex irritability), Activity (muscle tone), Respiration.
Fire Find, Inform, Restrict, Extinguish.
GNU Gnu's Not Unix
H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) - Hot Hot Searing! Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch!
PEARL Pupils Equal And Reacting (to) Light
PCMCIA People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

Backronyms as slogans[edit]

Acronym Original meaning Slogan
Adidas (named for Adi Dassler, its founder) All Day I Dream About Sports
All Day I Dream About Soccer
ABC American Broadcasting Company A Better Community[2]
ALSAC American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities Aid to Leukemia Stricken American Children
Arby's (named after its founders) "America's Roast Beef, Yes, Sir!" (a 1980s ad slogan)
Bible (from Greek word for "book") Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
BP British Petroleum Beyond Petroleum
CW Columbia-Warner (merger of WB with CBS-owned UPN) Come Watch
Grace (divine grace) God's Riches At Christ's Expense
Gospel (the first four New Testament books) God's Only Son Provides Eternal Life
Kiss (not an acronym) Keep It Simple, Stupid
Kosher (kosher foodstuffs) Keep Our Souls Healthy Eat Right
KRS One "Kris-1" Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody
LG Lucky Goldstar Life's Good!
OPP Ontario Provincial Police "Our Purpose, Prevention"
OTB One Tough Brand (clothing line) "Only The Best"
TCBY This Can't Be Yogurt! The Country's Best Yoghurt
WBBM (callsign, "World's Best Battery Maker") We Broadcast Better Music
WKBW From WKBW (Well Known Bible Witness) radio We Know Buffalo's Watching
WKYC From KYW (Westinghouse radio) We Know You Cleveland
WNYW From WNEW (radio callsign) What New York Watches
WYFQ (radio station callsign) Where You'll Find Quality

Backronyms .in Internet top-level domains[edit]

In response to an apparent shortage of available, short and easily-memorable .com domain names, various individual countries have sought to market their two-character ISO country-code domain names internationally. For a lucky few, names already were dictionary words in one or more languages (.am, .as, .at, .be, .cd, .dj, .fm, .in, .is, .la, .nu, .to, .tv and .vu being common examples). Others, not quite .as fortunate, rely on various contrived two-word backronyms as part of their marketing approach when exporting domain name registration internationally.

This is not the same as a domain hack, a play on words which uses an entire Internet name (including the top-level domain) to generate clever phrases like "i.am", "blo.gs" or "go.to".

ccTLD Orig.in .Is marketed .as (two-word .name or slogan)
.ac Ascension Island Always Connected, Alternating Current (nic.ac's slogan is “Power up your web site with a .AC domain name!”)
.am Armenia Amplitude Modulation
.cd Congo Compact Disc
.dj Djibouti Disc Jockey
.fm Micronesia Frequency Modulation
.gs Georgia/South Sandwich Islands Globe Site
.gw Guinea-Bisseau "Global Web, home to .gw domains"
.la Laos Los Angeles
.pw Palau Personal Web
.to Tonga Toronto Ontario
.tv Tuvalu Television
.ws (West) Samoa Web Site, World Site (registry requires use of "web site" backronym in registrars' marketing)

There are various others, such as .mn (Mongolia) (Minnesnowta), .sr (Suriname) (seniors) and .st (San Tome-Principe) (street), which have been redefined for marketing purposes but which are technically not backronyms as the resulting abbreviation is not an acronym.

Backronyms as political statements[edit]

AIDS America Is Dying Slowly, an AIDS-awareness album.
CRTC Committee for Repression and Thought Control
Gay Claimed by some gay people to stand for Good As You to assert that homosexuality merits equal status and treatment with heterosexuality; claimed by some people who are against homosexuality to stand for "Got AIDS Yet?"
GM "Government Motors", as a term used by those critical of the government-financed bailout of Détroit automakers GM and Chrysler in 2009. See also automotive and car manufacturers.
IBOC "It Bothers Other Channels", used by critics of US in-band on-carrier digital radio broadcasts[3] and their adjacent channel interference to distant AM radio stations.
OLG One Losing Gamble
OLG Other Language Group (in reference to any non-English speakers - usually used in a mildly derogatory context)
Pig When "pig" came into use as derogatory slang for a police officer, some of its targets retaliated by adopting the phrase "Pride, Integrity, Guts".
TARP Toxic Assets Redistribution Program. A US-government slush fund used to bail out troubled Wall Street banks in 2008.


SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled Up (euphemistic backronym from the original S. N., All Fucked Up)
BFD Binary File Descriptor for the binutils in the GNU project. When Cygnus Support proposed developing the library, Richard Stallman said (correctly) that it would be hard; David's response was "BFD". This became the library name and "Binary File Descriptor" was invented later as the meaning of the letters. (possibly from Big Fucking Deal)
BUFF Big Ugly Fat Fellow. A euphemistic military acronym referring to the B-52 bomber, this backronym originally stood for (and still stands for, to most airmen) Big Ugly Fat Fucker.
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Repair (backronym from the original Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)
NFG New Found Glory, (if the customer asks) New, Fully Guaranteed; also used in some circles to stand for New F*****g Guy; (originally No Fucking Good)
RTFM Read The Fine Manuals (euphemistic backronym from the original Read The Fucking Manual)
SOL So Out Of Luck (euphemistic backronym from the original Shit Out of Luck)

Backronyms in language translation[edit]

FAQ fr:«Foire Aux Questions» (forum for questions, as a loose translation of en:"Frequently Asked Questions")
SAP Originally SystemAnalyse und Programmentwicklung ("System Analysis and Program Development") in German, the name of the configurable software package developed by SAP GmbH from 1971 onwards. This has been backronymed by SAP Inc. into English as "Systems, Applications and Products in data processing".

Backronyms as humour[edit]


See also: car manufacturers

Not originally acronyms[edit]

Audi Accelerates Under Demonic Influence
Automatic Unexpected Death Initiator
Buick Big Ugly Indestructable/Import Car Killer
Chevrolet Can Hear Every Valve Rattling On Long Extended Trips
Cheap Heap Every Valve Rattles Or Leaks Every Time
Can't Hear Excessive Valve Rap Over Lousy Engine Timing
Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques
Chevy Cheapest Heap Ever Visioned Yet
Cheap Heap Eats Valves Yearly
Can't Help EVery Yuppie
Chrysler Charged High Retail, You'll Subsidise Lee's Early Retirement
DeLorean Don't Ever Lend One Rich Easterner Any Narcotics
Dodge Dad's Old Dead Garage Experiment
Damned Old Dorky Garbage Express
Drips Oil, Drops Grease, Everywhere
Dead Or Dying Gutless Engines
Dies On Day Guarantee Expires
Dead On Delivery Go Elsewhere
Drive One Darned Good Engine
Don't Over Do it, Go Easy
Dreary Out Dated Grandpa Engineering
Edsel Every Day Something Else Leaks/Loosens
Ford Ferro Oxide Rust Damage
Found On Road Dead
Fix Or Repair Daily (or Figure On Repairing Daily)
Fix On Road Daily
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Flip Over, Read Directions
For Old Retired Drivers
Fucker Only Runs Downhill
Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge
Found On Rubbish Dumps
Full Of Rusty Dents
Fuel and Oil Required Daily
Ford Owners Recommend Dodge
Fucking Old Rebuilt Dodge.
A more praising backronym is First On Race Day / For Outstanding Reliability and Dependability
An example of a reverse backronym is Driver Returning On Foot.
(also fr: «fabrication ordinaire, réparation dispendieuse»)
(Swedish: "Familjen Olssons rullande dass" - Family Olsson's Rolling Dunny)
Holden Holes, Oil Leaks, Dents and Engine Noises
Heaps Of Little Dirty Engine Nuts
Honda Had One, Never Did Again
Hang On, Nearly Done Accelerating
Hummer Huge Unnecessary Massive Mobile/Monster, Emissions Ridiculous
Hyundai Hope You Understand Nothing's Driveable And Inexpensive
Here's Y U Never Drive An Import
Iveco Inadequate Vehicle Every Company Owns
Jaguar Just At Garage Undergoing Another Repair
Jeep Just Empty Every Pocket
Junk, Each and Every Part
Just Enough Engine Power, Just Enough Essential Parts
Just Expect Excessive/Expensive Problems
(also fr: «j'ai épuisé entièrement patience», I've Exhausted My Patience)
Kia Killed in Action
Killed in Automobile
Lada Left At Dump, Abandoned (fr: «laissée au dépotoir, abandonée»)
(in Dutch: «Langs Achter Duwen Alstublieft», please push from behind)
Lotus Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
Neon Nothing Especially Original Now
New Engine Often Needed
Needs Engine? Owner Nervous
Mazda Made At Zoo (by) Demented Apes
(Hiroshima's revenge)
Mopar Mostly Old Parts And Rust
My Ol' Plymouth Ain't Runnin' (or My Old Pig Ain't Runnin')
Massively Over Powered And Respected
Mighty OverPowered (or OverPowering), Always Reliable
Motor On Pavement After Race
Oldsmobile Old Lady Driving Slowly
Old Lady Driving Slowly Making Others Behind Infernally Late Everyday
Pinto Powerful Incendiary, Neatly Toasts Occupants
Put In Nickel To Operate
Plymouth Please Let Your Mama Out Under The Hood
Pontiac Poor Old Ninny Thinks It's A Cadillac
("Ninny" can be replaced by "negro", "nigger", "nutjob" or "native".)
Porsche Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything
Repco Rip Every Poor Cunt Off
Saturn Sorry About That Unusual Rattling Noise
Sold as American Technology, Underneath Really a Nissan
Subaru Screwed Up Beyond All Repair, Usually
Stupid Ugly Bucket, All Rusted Underneath
Still Usable But All Rusty Underneath
Toyota Too Often Yanks Overprice This Automobile
Taking Our Yen Out, Thanks America!
Volvo Vehicle Of Low Velocity Operators
Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
Yugo You'll Usually Get Out

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

AMC Another Mediocre Car
Another Man's Crap
BMW Bring Money in Wheelbarrows
Big Money Waster
Bitch, Moan and Whine
Big Mormon Wagon
Break/Bust My Window(s)
Basic Marin Wheels
Best Machines in the World
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Black Man's Wheels (in UK Afro-Caribbean culture)
Break My Wallet
Be My Wife
Black Man's Willy
Bringing More Weight
Bring Mechanic With
Blew My Wad
Big Monetary Waste
Built by Migrant Workers
A reverse backronym is Wanted Mercedes-Benz
In German: Bayerischer MistWagen (Bavarian Manure Wagon)
Bayerische Mistwerke (Bavarian Muck Works)
Bring Mich Werkstatt (Bring Me Workshop)
Bei Mercedes Weggeworfen (Built from Mercedes' Wastebasket - thrown away by Mercedes)
Baader-Meinhoff Wagen (after German Terrorist group of the 1970s)
Bersten Mal Wieder (de: - busted again)
Body Made Wrong
In Dutch: Bak Met Wielen (Box Made with Wheels)
Bayrische Mordwaffe (Bavarian Murder Weapon).
Fiat Fix It Again Tomorrow/Tony
Fix It All the Time
Found In A Tip
Futile/Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation
Fucking Idiot Asshole Towncar
Failure In Automotive Technology
Finally I'm Almost There
In German: Fehler In Allen Teilen (faulty in all the parts)
Für Italiener Ausreichende Technologie (For Italians, Adequate Technology)
In Portuguese: Fui Idiota, Agora é Tarde (I've Been Stupid, Now It's Too Late)
Filial do Inferno Aqui na Terra (Franchise of Hell on Earth).
GM Generally Mediocre
Grinding Metal
GMC General Made Crap
Generally Mediocre Crankcase
Get My Coveralls
Garbage Made Cheaply/Carefully
Garage Man's Companion
(also fr: «grincements méchaniques continus» - groaning/grinding mechanically continuously)
IROC Italian/Insipid Redneck/Retard Out Cruising
actually named for the International Race of Champions
Chevrolet LUV Little (or Low, especially if customised) Useless Vehicle
(originally Light Utility Vehicle, a quarter ton pickup truck)
MG Money Gone
Mostly Garaged/Garbage
MPV Mostly Pitiful Vehicle
NAPA Not A Part Available
NASCAR Non Athletic Sports Created Around Rednecks
Negros Ain't Supposed to Come Around the Racetrack
No Actual Stock Cars Are Racing
RAV4 Really Awful Vehicle
Saab Shit, Another Accessory Broken
Stolen And Always Broken
(originally Svenska Aeroplan AB)
SUV Stupid Ugly Vehicle
Stupid Useless Vehicle
Sure to be Under their Vehicle (if in a collision with one)
Smog Unleashing Vehicle
Small Unit Vehicle
UAP Useless Auto Parts
VW Very Wack
Virtually Worthless
Virtual Warranty


Not originally acronyms[edit]

Air India Airplanes In Repo In Nicaragua, Delay Inevitable Anyway
After I Return, I’ll Never Do It Again
Alitalia Airplane Lands In Tokyo And Luggage In Atlanta
Always Late In Take-off, Always Late In Arrival
A Little Italian Tradition And Lotsa Italian Attitude
American Airline Meals Eaten Regularly Induce Cramps and Nausea
CP Air Completely Penniless And In Receivership
Delta Divert Everyone's Luggage To Atlanta (or any city starting with A)
Doesn't/Don't Ever Leave The Airport
Didn't Expect to Land There Anyway
Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive
Destroying Every Line Towards America
Don't Even Let Them Aboard
Drunken Engineers Land Too Abruptly
Easyjet Economy Airline Slows Your Journey Every Time
El Al Every Landing Always Late
Emirates English Managed, Indian Run, A Thousand Ex-pats Suffering
Garuda Good And Reliable Under Dutch Administration
Government Airway Ruined Under Dutch Administration
Go And Relax Until Delay Announcement.
Gulf Air Get Used to Late Flights - Aircraft In Repair
Lufthansa Let Us Find The Hostess, As No Steward Available
Let Us Fondle (or Fuck) The Hostesses And Not Say Anything
Let Us Free The Hostages And Not Shoot Anyone
Northwest Nobody Out Ranks This Horrid, Worthless, Excruciatingly Sluggish Transport
Olympic Onassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash
Pan Am Pilots Are Not A Must
Plan on Arriving Nervewracked And Mad
Passengers Always Need A Mortician
Poor Airline Needs Any Money
Sabena Such A Bloody/Bad Experience, Never Again
(fr: «Sauf accidents, bien entendu, nous atterrons» - If no accidents, clearly we will land)
Sosa Stay Out, Stay Alive
Swissair Sexy Women In Swissair Services Are Indeed Rare
TAM Airlines
Transportes Aéreos da Morte
Transporte Aéreo Mortal
Trabalhe Até Morrer
Transportes Aéreos Malditos
Tem Ali um Muro
Tudo Acaba Mal (everything goes badly)
Terror Aéreo Mundial (worldwide airborne terror)
Tá Afim de Morrer
Tô Amando a Morte
Todos A bordo Morrerão (all on board will die)
Tou Afim de Mandioca
Transportes Aéreos Mortais (mortal air transport)
Tem Alguém Morto
Tamo Ai Matando
Te Amamos Muito (ou não!)
Tan-Sahsa Turn Around Now, Stay At Home Stay Alive
United Usually Not Inclined To Eliminate Disasters
USAir Unfortunately Still Allegheny In Reality
Underwater Seats Available In Rear
Usually Stewardesses Are Irrationally Romantic

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

AWA America's Worst Airline
BOAC Better On A Camel
Better On Air Canada
Bit Of A Charlie
Barely Own Any Clocks
Bring Over American Cash
Boeing Only Aircraft Considered (complaint of British aeroplane industry)
Blast Off And Crash
BWIA Better Walk If Able
Britain's Worst Investment Abroad
But Will It Arrive?
Bound to Wait In the Airport
ETOPS Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim
JAL Jets Along Lazily
Journey Always Late
KLM Keeps Losing Money
Kindly Leave Money
Koop Lockheed Majesteit (Buy Lockheed, your Majesty - after Lockheed bribe scandal)
Komische Landungs Methoden (German: funny ways of landing)
LAX Love And Christ
PAL Plane Always Late
PIA Pain In the Ass
Please Inform Allah
PWA Please Wait Awhile
Pray While Aloft
Pete's Wobbly Airline
Piddly Widdly Airline
QANTAS Queers And Nancies Trained As Stewards
Queers And Nasty Types As Stewards
Queasy And Nauseous, Tired And Sick
Queers And Nymphomaniacs Trained As Stewards
Quick And Nasty Transportation, Australian Style
Quite A Neat Trick, Arriving Safely
Quite A Nice Trip, Any Survivors?
Quits Air-travel, Next Time Approaches Ship
(Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service).
Sahsa Stay At Home, Stay Alive (originally Servicio Aereo de Honduras S.A.)
SAS Sex And Satisfaction
Sweet And Sexy
Same As Sabena
Sex And Sympathy.
TACA Take A Chance Airlines
Take Another Carrier, Always
Take A Coffin Along
(In Spanish:) Tres Accidentes Cada Año (Three Accidents Counted Annually)
TAP Take Another Plane
Take A Pill
Take A Parachute
Tamancos Aéreos Portugueses [in Brazil: Portuguese Airborne Clogs]
TWA Try Walking Across/Asshole/Again
Teeny Weeny Airlines
The Worst Airline
Third World Airlines
Try With Another
Travel Without Arrival
Took Wrong Airline
Teenie Weenie Airlines
Traveling Without Air
Time Waste Airlines
That Was Accidental/Awful
Thieves, Whores & Alcoholics
Today's/Tomorrow’s Worst Airline
Tomorrow We'll Arrive
Tomorrow's Widebody Accident
Totally Wasted Airlines
Travel With Arabs/Alcohol
Thousands Wandering Aimlessly
Terrorists Welcome Aboard
Tacky Wacky Airline
UTA Unlikely To Arrive (originally Union des Transports Aériens)
VASP Vomite Aqui Seu Porco (Throw Up Here You Pig - reference to the VASP logo at the barf bag)
Várias Aeromoças São Putas (Several Air Stewardesses Are Whores)
a famous VASP pilot called Seu Pereira once had a severe illness and his co-workers used to refer to the company as Vamos Ajudar Seu Pereira (Let's Help Seu Pereira) to which he politely replied with a reverse backronym: Pereira Sinceramente Agradece a Vocês (Pereira Sincerely Thank You)
Vagabundos Anônimos Sustentados pelos Pais (anonymous vagabonds supported by their parents)
(originally Viações Aéreas de São Paulo)

Broadcasters and networks[edit]

See List of broadcast and entertainment acronyms

Computing and telecommunications[edit]

See List of computing and technology acronyms


Degrees and diplomas[edit]

BA BrokeAss
BS BullShit
Bovine Skatologist
MBBS Master of Bullshit, Bullshit Specialist
MS More Shit
More of the Same
PhD Poor Hungry and Desperate
Piled Higher and Deeper
PissHead's Diploma
Permanent Head Damage
Pigeon-hole dissertation
Plumbing/Heating Diploma
Pretty Huge Dick
GNVQ Generally Not Very Qualified
Going Nowhere Very Quickly
GED Good Enough Diploma
"Good Enough" Degree
HND Has No Degree
LPN Let's Pretend Nurse
MBA Makes Big Assholes
Many Brains Annihilated
Master of Bugger All
Mediocre But Arrogant
(MBWA - Management By Wandering Around also plays off this acronym)


BJU Blow Job University
BSU Bull Shit University
CMSU Call Me Stupid University
EMU Eternal MisUnderstanding
FAU Find Another University
Finished And Unemployed
FSU Free Shoes University
GW Georgetown's Waitlist
ICC I Can't Count
MWC Many White Christians (was Mary Washington College)
MIT Made In Taiwan
Monkey in Training
NAU Not a University
NKU No Knowledge University
NYU Now You're Unemployed
SDSU Still Drunk, Still Undeclared
SIU Sober Individuals Unlikely
SPU Spouse Potential University
TWU The Worst University
UCAS Users Can't Access System (referring to the problems UCAS usually encounters)
UCB University of Cocky Bohemians
University of China's Best
University of Chinese Blowhards
University of Chinese Bookworms
UCD University of Cow Dung
UCF U Can't Finish
UCI University of Chinese Immigrants
University of Civics and Integras
University of Chinese Idiots
UCLA University of Caucasians Lost among Asians
University of Chinese Lost in America
University of Criminals Looking Asian
U Can't Leave America
University of California's Lousy Athletes
University of California's Luckiest Asians
University of Chinese Leaders in America
University of Cool Looking Asians
UCM University of Crop Migrants
UCR University of Cal Rejects
University of Chinese Refugees
University of Chinese Rejects
University of Chinese Retards
UCSD University of Chinese Second Decision
UCSB University of Casual Sex and Beer
U Can Study Buzzed
UCSC Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp
University of Constantly Stoned Crackers
University of Caucasians Smoking Cannabis
UC University of Criminals
UBC University of a Billion Chinese
UDC University for Dumb Children
UMBC Under Major Building Construction
U Must Be Crazy
U Must Be Chinese
UNC University of No Credit
University of Nice Chicks
UND University of No Dames (formerly an all-male college)
UNLV Unfortunately No Longer Virgins (the official meaning of hip hop groupUNLV's name). In the city of Vancouver, Washington, this has become University of Never Leaving Vancouver, likewise with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
USC University of Spoiled Children
University of Spoiled Coeds
Up Shit Creek
University of South Central
University of Second Choice
University of Second Class
U Suck Cock
University of Stuck-up Children
United States of California
University of Stupid Chinese
USD University of Spoiled Daughters
UTSA University of Texas Sorta Almost
UWO Undergrads Wait Outside


See List of broadcast and entertainment acronyms

Manufacturing and commerce[edit]

Acme "A (or American) Company Making (or Manufacturing) Everything". Supplier of bizarre, elaborate, and non-functional gadgetry in Warner Brothers' Road Runner cartoons
Adidas (Adi Dassler, founder) Song title by KoЯn and JC Chasez: "All Day I Dream About Sex".
A popular schoolground one in the UK is "After Dinner I Do A Shit".
A well-known Spanish version would be: "Asociación De Idiotas Dispuestos A Superarse" (Association of idiots willing to get better).
A popular Dutch version is "Alleen Domme Idioten Doen Aan Sport" (Always/only dumb idiots do any sports).
Also a reverse backronym, "Sex/Sports All Day Is Definitely American".
Chaps Ralph Lauren Coulda Had A Polo Shirt - Used as a derogatory term towards people who opted for the less expensive CHAPS line over the more expensive Polo Ralph Lauren
Fila Finally I Left Adidas - as the response of a disgruntled Adidas employee, actually the last name of the founders.
Gap "Gay And Proud"; "Gay Ass People"; "Gay Ass Place"
Nike Needs International Kids Employed
Puma Poor Unprofessional Mimickry of Adidas; Probier Unbedingt Mal Adidas (de), Poofter Under Medical Attention
DHL Day and a Half Late; Driver's Halfway Lost
DSE Divided States of Embarrassment
FYI Found Yesterday. Interested?
GE General Electric Good & Evil, Grim & Evil
MFJ Martin F. Jue
(K5FLU, founder)
Made From Junk
Mighty Fine Junk
IBM International Business Machines Idiot Behind Machine (see also list of computing and technology acronyms - there are many for IBM.)
NDS News Data Systems No Darned Security (smartcard vendor, in reference to DirecTV's multiple card swaps over the years)
NEPA National Electric Power Authority Never Expect Power Anywhere or No Electric Power Anticipated (because of its variable quality of service). When the company became a public limited company (NEPA PLC), the backronym became No Electric Power Available, Please Light Candle.
NSB No Safe Bet
OTC Of The Craft Off To Canada (during Prohibition)
UPS United Parcel Service United Package Smashers; pronounced as "oops"; United Pot Smokers

Military and police[edit]

A3D All Three Dead (reference to bomber with three man crew and no ejection seats)
Army Aren't Real Men Yet
Aren't Ready for Marines Yet
Another Redneck Military Yahoo.
As a backward backronym, tags on soldier's BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) can be read "Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up."
Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet!
CVE Combustible, Volatile (or Vulnerable) and Expendable
Marine Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential
My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
Math And Reading Is Not Easy
Mostly Army Rejects in Navy Equipment.
Navy Never Again Volunteer Yourself
No Anal Virgins Yet
SBD Slow-But-Deadly (American naval divebomber responsible for sinking four Japanese aircraft carriers at the battle of Midway)
SB2C Son-of-a-Bitch, 2nd Class
SOS Save Our Ship
Save Our Souls
Same Old Shit
Sinking, Oh Shit,
Shitting OurSelves
Stuck On Stupid
Shit on a Shingle (Chipped Beef on Toast)

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

BATF Burn All The Families
Burn All Toddlers First (in reference to the Waco disaster)
BFD Used as the apathetic "Big Fucking Deal" acronym everywhere else, this appears on Brockville fire department trucks
CIWS Christ, It Won't Shoot
CID Coppers In Disguise (more colourfully: Cunts In Disguise)
DEA Don't Expect Anything
FBI Full-Blooded Indian
Full Blooded Italians (wrestlers in the ECW/WWE)
Fry Bread Inspector
From Big Island
Federal Breast Inspector (many are popular T-shirt slogans)
also Federal Bureau of Incineration
Fire and Brimstone, Inc. (in reference to the Waco disaster)
Fearless Band of Idiots
Forever Bothering Italians (in reference to their string of Mafia prosecutions)
Female Body Inspector
Female Boobie Inspector
FTA Fun, Travel, Adventure (the US Army's recruiting slogan during the 1960s)
Fuck the Army! (used by US troops in Vietnam to express their displeasure with the Army)
GRC (Gendarmerie Royal du Canada, French for RCMP)
Gravel Road Cop
Grand Republic of China
HRT Hostage Roasting Team (in reference to the Waco disaster)
JAG Just A Guess
Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Goudkov LaGG-1 and LaGG-3 Lakirovanny garantirovanny grob ("guaranteed varnished coffin" - лакированный гарантированный гроб). Actually a fighter aircraft made of laminated wood.
MOAB Mother Of All Bombs (originally Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb,a US Army weapon)
MRE (army food) My Refrigerator's Empty
Mediocre Rarely Edible
Meals Rejected by Ethiopia/Everyone/the Enemy
NCIS Never Cared to Insult Someone
NSA No Such Agency
Not Secret Anymore
Never Say Anything
OD (Officer of the Day) Olivia DeHavilland (as noted by Hawkeye Pierce on MASH)
OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Official Party Poopers, Other Peoples' Privates/Property (official meaning of Naughty By Nature song title "OPP")
RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) "Refill Coffee Mug, Please"
TSA Thousands Standing Around
Taking Scissors Away
USMC Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
U. Signed the Motherfucking Contract.
WRNS We're Really Not Sure

Unofficial Military Acronyms[edit]

BOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
DILLIGAF Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?
FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Reason/Any Repair
FUBB Fucked Up Beyond Belief
FUBISO Fuck You, Buddy, I'm Shipping Out
JANFU Joint Army-Navy Fuck Up
SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
TARFU Things Are Really Fucked Up


Not originally acronyms[edit]

Bills Boy, I Lose Lots of Superbowls
Boy, I Love Losing Superbowls
(used only during the OJ Simpson trial) Boy I Love Life Sentences
Bush Beat Up Saddam Hussein
Bigoted Uninformed Shit Head
Clinton Come Lewinsky, I Need To Oral/Orgasm Now
Diana Died In A Nasty Accident.
Iacocca I Am Chairman Of Chrysler Corporation America.

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

Anti-Christian Liberties Union
ACLU Anti-Christian Liberal/Lawyer Union, among others
(backronyming the ACLU is common, especially among political conservatives)
CIO Career Is Over
KMFDM Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode
Kylie Minogue Fans Don't Masturbate
KMFDM Makes Freaky Damn Music (or Funky Dance Music) (recursive acronym)
Kenobi Made Farmboy Do Magic
Keep Madonna From Doing Movies
MNF Math's No Fun!
NFL Not For Long
No Family Life/League
No Fun League
NHL No Hockey League
Now Have Lockout
S&M standing and modeling
(in reference to fetishwear affectionados)
PTL Pass the Lube
Pass The Loot
Pay The Lady (common during the Jimmy Bakker/Jimmy Swaggart scandals of the 1980s)
VIP Very Impatient Pest
Vamos Invadir essa Pôrra (Let's Invade This Fucking Place)
Yaoi YAmete, Oshiri Itai! - "Stop, my butt hurts!"
You Americans are Overtly Idiotic
Yiff Young, Innocent, Fuckable Furry


CCCP Clinton Complete Care Plan (from critics who considered the failed proposal to be left-wing)
Companheiros, Cuidado Com o Pelé (Companions, watch out for Pelé)
Cucurucucuuuuu Palooooma!
GDR Guard Dogs Ready
God Damn Russians
God Damn Republicans
FEMA Federal Emergency Making Agency
Fatal Emergencies Mismanaged Again
Failure and Embarrassment to My America
Federal Employees Missing Again
(a popular T-shirt slogan post-Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita)
GOP Greedy Old People
Grand Old Party
Grinches On Parade
God's Own Party (reference to supposed domination by religious right)
IMF Insurrection, Misery & Famine
Iraq I Run And Quit
MADD Menopausal Alliance Doing Damage
NATO No Action, Talk Only
(popular during the Bosnian crisis)
NPWS No People Welcome, Sorry
(from their habit of making some National parks very difficult to access)
PETA People Eating Tasty Animals
PRC Peking's Repressive Communism
PSAC People Standing Around Complaining
(fr: AFPC = «Association des Fortement Paresseux du Canada»)
PRI Puro Ratero Inmoral
(Immoral Crooks Only)
Providence, Rhode Island
RESPECT RESPECT The Unity Coalition, a left wing political party in the UK
RESPECT was later explained officially as Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community and Trade Unionism, or among its opponents as Recently Expelled Scottish Politician Endorses Communist Tyranny
R.O.C Refugees of Communism
Refugees Of Capitalism
USA Unbelievably-Sized Arsenals
U Suck Angle (for World Wrestling Entertainment performer Kurt Angle whom the fans have traditionally chanted "You Suck" at.)
Veto Void Every Time Overtly

Ranks of the Order of St Michael and St George[edit]

CMG Call Me God
KCMG Kindly Call Me God
Kings Call Me God
GCMG God Calls Me God

These terms were mentioned in a scene of the BBC sitcom Yes Minister.



DNA National Dyslexic Association
HCl Highly Corrosive Liquid
Laser Looking At Source Erases Retina
NASA Need Another Seven Astronauts
(in reference to the Space Shuttle Challenger and Space Shuttle Columbia disasters)
Never Actually Sure of Anything
Not Always Scientifically Accurate


Not originally acronyms[edit]

  • Arkansas - Army of Rednecks, Killers, Americans, Nimrods, Suckers, And Socialists
  • Boycott PETCO - Break Open Your Cold Ones, Toast The Padres, Enjoy This Championship Orginazation! (Found in one of the bricks in 2004)
  • Iowa - Idiots Out Wandering Around
  • Law - Lawyers Are Wimps
  • Mabo - Make A Better Offer
  • Minun - Minun Is Not a University Nerd (recursive acronym)

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

  • ESRB - Eat Shit, you Rating Bastards!
  • Esso - Every Sucker Sells Oil (originally S.O. phonetically - Standard Oil)
  • FTRA - Fuck The Reagan Administration
  • IFPI - International Federation of Pirates Interests
  • MGM - More Golden Money, Mississippi (or any state starting with M) General Motors, Mmm...Good Mints
  • STFU - Shut The Fuck Up
  • UHF - U Have Friends
  • VCL (originally Velan Central Library) - Vixen Controlled Library


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