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This is a PIP (Project in Process)


See: UnN:Embassies

The ambassadors are spokespeople for their sites, of course it is expected that their words are not in contradiction with the policies and actual consensus on their respective sites, if any.

Suggestions for the building

  • A central meeting place - The forum
  • "Around" that the Embassies, meaning a page (with subpages maybe) for every ***pedia. The babel/languages/fictitious countries present themselves there, like any country would organise an embassy. (The diplomatic Corps)
  • Every embassador will have his offic(es) at his or her userpage(s), with links to their home-sites, to the other diplomats, and so on. Communication, as we all know, is of the uppermost importance for spies diplomats.
  • List of great articles on the wiki's. With ofcourse the Babelfish translations ;)

To do

set up the whole building, with the central meeting hall, the offices where the dirty deals are made, and the over-luxurius, heavily bugged offices of the overpaid embassadors and consuls reside, getting fat on their bribemoney. also furnish the whole place and write maps. Maps, people, maps!