Requests for new languages/Instructions

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WARNING: Please don't go to Wikia or any other wiki farm, you can get your domain here for free!

Read this before proposing a new language.

  • Create an account and a user page on this wiki, so people can address their questions to you.
  • It is recommended that you advertise the project:

Basic Information[edit]

  • Project name.
  • Language, messages & mainpage name If this is a MediaWiki project in a relatively-common natural language, odds are that the language files are already provided, either as part of MediaWiki itself or (if that fails) as part of existing open-content wikis in the same language. If not, the user interface for any software used (a list of translated messages like Special:Allmessages) will need translation before the new project can be created.
  • ISO 639 language codes are here and match those of other MediaWiki sites. If multiple codelengths exist, the two-letter version is most often preferred.
  • Existing content. These will usually be pages in the Babel: namespace here or pages in an existing Uncyclopedia in a related language. It's possible to create a new, empty project but not advisable. Start with some level of "seed" content, otherwise prospective visitors will see an empty database and leave instead of seeing an active project and contributing. Empty wikis therefore often stay empty. Content may be forked from an existing project's Babel: space by using XML to export the full page history for import into your new project.
  • Software and license. Unless otherwise indicated, software is MediaWiki and license is CC-BY-NC-SA (as this combination is compatible with Uncyclopedia, Ikkepedia and the like). If there are specific applications or extensions which will be needed to start your project, say so.

Domain names[edit]

In general, there are four categories of domain names:

  1. Names (or subdomains of existing names) which you have registered yourself. You own them outright. Just update your domain name server settings and they should be usable directly. You cannot use a domain which is registered on Wikia! (see no. 3)
  2. Names which are already registered and controlled by persons participating in this project. There are a few (such as [whatever], [xx], [xx] which are already available for our use as a source of subdomains as needed.
  3. Names which are registered to outsiders, such as or - they're not ours to add to or modify so, unless whomever owns wants to host (or provide DNS to) your project, no point in proposing [whatever] here. Sadly, and fall into this category as someone sold them out from under us; they belong to Wikia and are unavailable for new projects.
  4. Names which are currently not registered to anyone. Fair game, but you may want to avoid posting your proposed domain name to any public forums until you've registered it. There is always a risk that anyone reading this may register it themselves.

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