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Bienbenido al ÇciMeta-Wiki, l website dedicado a la cordenaçon de ls porjetos de la Fundaçon Çciclomedie i porjetos relacionados, qu'angloba zde la cordenaçon i documentaçon até l planeijamiento i análeze destes porjetos.

Outras Wikis de cordenaçon, cumo l Çciclomedia Outreach i Çciclomedia Strategy son porjetos Çciclomedie specializados que ténen sues raízes na UnMeta-Wiki. Çcussones relacionadas tamien ocorren an lists/overview


Radadeiras amboras [edit]

Pedidos [edit]

For more news and information see Uncyclomedia News and Goings-on.

For cross-wiki issues, please be sure you understand the distinction between Uncyclomedia-hosted and Wikia-hosted projects.
Cross-wiki issues
»   Permissions and adoptions
»   Deletions
»   Dispute resolution
»   Wikia issues
»   Translations
»   Logos
»   Skin help
»   Antispam and counter-vandalisim
»   Local permissions
»   New languages/projects
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Quemunidade i quemunicaçon [edit]

Questones centrales i colaboraçon [edit]

»  Babel, a discussion place for Meta matters
»  Mailing lists and IRC
»  Meetups
»  Uncyclomedia Embassy, a list of local contacts by language
»  Uncyclomedia Forum, a multilingual forum for Uncyclomedia projects
»  Uncyclomedians

UnMeta Wiki.pngUncyclomedia Foundation, ÇMeta-Wiki i porjetos armanos [edit]

The Uncyclomedia Foundation hosts many of the different language Uncyclopedias, each with its own subset of projects, which are coordinated internally. UnMeta-Wiki attempts to serve as the coordination wiki between the various languages.