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Sometimes someone will find an obvious candidate for speedy deletion on a language they do not speak. In that case, they can list the pages here, and then an admin on the project who also does not speak the language can delete the page without much thought. To add a listing in a language that isn't already here, create a new section header:

==Requests for [[:xx:]]==

Requests for bar:[edit]

Requests for da:[edit]

Requests for en:[edit]

List in QuickVFD.

Requests for en-gb:[edit]

Requests for es:[edit]

List in Nominaciones para borrado rápido.

Requests for fr:[edit]

List in Vote rapide d'effacement or tag with {{VRE|parce que c'est une seule ligne de merde.}}.

Requests for gl:[edit]

List in Votacións para borrar.

Requests for it:[edit]

List in Tribunale.

Requests for ja:[edit]

Requests for nds:[edit]

Requests for pl:[edit]

Requests for pt:[edit]

Drop {{er}} on the page or list at Eliminação de páginas and they will be eaten by a mafagafo.

Requests for sv:[edit]

List at Snabba raderingar.