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Welcome to my User Page[edit]

I'm Jacques Pirat, and this is my page here. No, I'm not French. No, I am not Canadian. Yes, this user page does not have a ton about me, if anything at all. It's just a plain, boring, old user page with a nice template. Because, if you make a page with a nice template, nobody will care about the content, they'll just go "Damn! That's a a pretty nice template!" And then leave. Isn't that special? That's why this page is so great.

There are tons of articles on Uncyclopedia. Only a handful are decent. Those that are decent are made by a niche population of users. Of those decent articles, few are worthy of the front page. The rest could be deleted. Those are pages here that are absolute crap and have survived from 2005 TO THIS DAY, or pages recently created by new users that don't know what the hell they're doing.

Since we've got that all over and done, bask in my glory. BASK DAMN YOU!

Web Portfolio[edit]

I either own or administrate the following websites. They're not the best, but they're pretty good if I do say so myself.

  • Necyclopaedia - Under my ownership(Latin Encyclopedia)
  • Gunpedia - Also under my ownership
  • Huh Wiki - A nonsense encyclopedia I own
  • osFree project - project to build an open source OS/2 clone(designed and operate website)
  • Operating System Advocacy - about operating systems and that stuff I own
  • The Code You Need - Programming Wiki I own where you can look up source code written by others for your programs as well as tutorials.
  • Runis Lingua - Under my ownership. For a language I'm constructing.
  • Infrosoft - Personal site where I put all my programming stuff when I get around to making it