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A species in the .org group is composed of individual organisms, whether single-celled or multi-celled. The mating and survival of .orgs is ensured by various means in various regions; the number and type of potential predators who prey upon these .organisms varies widely from one climate to another.

Many, but not all, .orgs hatch from .eggs, all of which must be closely guarded to ensure their survival.

Conservationists have been active in the protection of endangered .org subspecies in their natural habitat,, where they may otherwise face extinction.

Domain - .Org

Kingdom - N/A
Phylum - N/A
Class - N/A
Order - N/A
Family - N/A
Genus - Articulus
Species - A. Longarium, A. Wiki.
Subspecies - A. Wiki. Wikipaedius, A. Wiki. Uncyclopaedius.