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Saddam's Choice - available at your local Jihad-Mart

Congratulations on your purchase of the iRAQ Pocket PC, the only personal digital assistant to be designed personally by Iraq's esteemed Minister of Information Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahaf.

Built with the latest in Microsoft™ technology, the iRAQ Pocket PC is fully GPS-enabled, making it the perfect travel companion to assist you in your search for Osama bin Laden weapons of mass destruction oil.

Windows Mobil™[edit]

Run all of your favourite Windows Mobil™ 2003 applications on the iRAQ Pocket PC, the mother of all handheld GPS units. Entrust all of your vital data to Bill Gates and Baghdad Bob, equally-respected household names behind iRAQ's most wanted handheld computing devices.

GPS users manual[edit]

Feeling lost in iRAQ?

The iRAQ Pocket PC, with the full heartfelt support of the Iraqi people, will tell you where to go.

Facts you can trust.

May Allah be praised for evermore! Allah ackbar!

Points of interest[edit]

This icon indicates a wrong turn. Oops!
Aiga air transportation .svg Aircraft
Ambulans romus 01.svg Ambulance
Hummer 01.svg Automotive services
Aiga restaurant .svg Cannibal tribes
Kaboom.svg Car bombs
Aiga nursery .svg Civilians awaiting martyrdom for the glory of Allah.
Aiga customs .svg Corrupt officials caught with one hand in the till.
Cesto architetto frances 01.svg Crowded Marketplace. Watch out for stray US missiles.
Bomb 01.svg Freedom fighters.
Capitello modanatura mo 01.svg Museum. Loot at will.
Grue.jpg Grues
Wooden barrel petri lumm 01.svg Gunpowder
Aiga heliport .svg Helicopters
Liftarn Skull with banners.svg Imminent death.
Aiga hotel information .svg Lodging... if there is any still standing after the US finishes bombing iRAQ.
Aiga currency exchange .svg Money diverted from the oil-for-food program.
Aiga cashier .svg Money for cronies of Bush and the Halliburton régime.
Aiga coffee shop .svg MRE's for the troops.
Campinggas mois s rinc 01r.svg Oil & Gas
Carnegie library building 01.svg Palaces.
Falling rocks.svg Public stonings of infidels and women.
Aiga water transportation .svg Warships.
To support the war effort, a game of Minesweeper is pre-installed on every iRAQ Pocket PC.
The iRAQ Pocket PC.jpg Weapons of mass destruction. The iRAQ Pocket PC is still searching for these but hasn't found anything. Sorry.

Searching and navigation[edit]

Where in the world is Osama? He's not in iRAQ.
Bussola architetto franc 01.svg Lost? The iRAQ Pocket PC will help you find your way.

It knows where you are. It knows where the Iraqi people would like you to go. It's intelligent enough to do the math.

Whatever you're searching for, the iRAQ Pocket PC will use its built-in GPS to assist you:

  • Osama bin Laden?
  • Weapons of mass destruction?

Ok, maybe we haven't been able to find either in iRAQ.

Nonetheless, we Shell BPrepared to Mobilize and continue a Marathon search throughout the Gulf until we are Exxonerated. We'll show them what it means to deal with real Esso Bees.

After all, isn't that the true objective of Operation Iraqi Liberation?

Darkowl blue earth.svg Osama must be here.
Who knows.
Time to launch a War on Terra and destroy this hiding place?

Turn-by-turn directions[edit]

Um, where am I?
Lost? The iRAQ Pocket PC tells you where to go.
Just click the globe icon to launch the iRAQ Pocket PC's built-in GPS pilot navigator. Indicate your destination, and it automagically takes over to do the rest. Turn-by-turn directions are offered in a variety of voices, including long-time favourites like:
  • Ali Baba and the forty thieves
  • Baghdad Bob
  • Chemical Ali
  • Doctor Germ
  • Michael Moore
  • Saddam Insane

Typical voice-synthesized navigational prompts include:

The shock has backfired on them. They are shocked because of what they have seen. No one received them with roses. They were received with bombs, shoes and bullets. Now, the game has been exposed. Awe will backfire on them. This is the boa snake. We will extend it further and cut it the appropriate way.

— Baghdad Bob

When you reach the next exit, make a U-turn and go home, American infidel pigdog sons of rabid camels.

— iRAQ Pocket PC GPS

iRAQ Pocket PC applications[edit]

Office tools[edit]

Did you mean Iran?
The iRAQ Pocket PC offers a handy 2003-digit calculator to help you total the ever-increasing cost of the war and a built-in perpetual calendar to count the years since George Dubya Bush made his famous "Mission Accomplished" speech to the American people.

The Desert Office suite delivers presentations and multimedia with shock and awe, forcing cut-throat rivals to see things your way. You'll wonder how you ever managed to communicate without it.

The Pocket War of Words application even includes a handy spell-checker which alerts you when you are about to make serious errors. Uncertain whether it was Iran or Iraq that was enriching uranium for weapons? Rely on the finest products of Polish intelligence as a sanity check to prevent you from making the same mistakes again.


iRAQ-man has all the powers of his Pakistani cousin, Pac-Man.
Come unwind with Super Saddamio
Let the iRAQ Pocket PC be your entertainment centre on those long, dreary desert nights. A full selection of pocket games will pass the time as you wait for Bush to find WMD and O.J. to find the real killers.

Try your hand at iRAQ-man, an insurgent Pac-Man variant in which the dots are Iraqi loot, the power pills are firearms and the ghosts are US troops still looking for Osama.

And don't forget our video action hero, Super Saddamio. He's quick, he's nimble, thank you... but Osama is in another castle. He's not in iRAQ.


Iraqi television reports US defeat.

The iRAQ Pocket PC has full streaming video capabilities, to let you watch what's left of Iraqi TV.

A wide selection of programming is available, including Leave it to Baghdad re-runs and double Jeopardy rounds in which the sovereignty of iRAQ itself is in jeopardy, along with the safety of anyone too dumb to leave the country and not look back.

Hilarious videos of Katrina's whirlwind tour of the US remain popular, along with the full series of Saddam's bungee-jumping lessons.


The iRAQ Pocket PC comes with a full money-back guarantee. Unfortunately it pays out in Iraqi dinars which are all but worthless in the wake of the US occupation, but hopefully Allah will take mercy.

Contact us[edit]

Go ahead, contact us today... if you can find us.

Oh, and there is no www.google.iq - no wonder you can't find any WMD or any Al Queda. Allah ackbar!