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Welcome to the Embassy of the Democratic People's City-state Oncyclopolis. Probably are you looking for the Embassy of the Oncyclopædia Neerlandica (or just Oncyclopedia), but our project is just included by the city-state borders of Oncyclopolis. Started in 2006, the Oncyclopedia has it's aim to proclain the truth, and to deny all the lies of the terrible Wikipedia, that parodies Oncyclopedia. As we are a parody on other encyclopedia's, humour is (quite logical, but though, who cares?) the highest priority for us. If it ain't funny, it has no reason to live, and we are going to send our armed forces including the secret service to liquidate it.

Most likely are you here because...

  • you are interested in international relationships (yes, my love, a relationship!).
  • you want to propose/suggest something or ask a question about Oncyclopedia, or something about that.
  • you are crazy.
  • you care visiting pages no one cares.
  • you are jealous about the layout of this Embassy, which is indeed a bit different from other ones.
You may choose up to four of four, and then ask or tell your question, comment or complaint (as said before, plural is possible) at the Bar to our lovely serviceladies.
Rythm (Dutch only)
Wubbo ockels.jpeg

Waar den golven den duinen raken
en de Jongeren in de goot staan te braken
Daar, Oncyclopedist, daar is uw thuisland
daar neemt JPB u bij den hand
Waar Wubbo den wolken besteigert
ende Wilders den Moslims ontreddert
Daar, Oncyclopedist, daar is uw thuisland
daar vult Koning Albert uw mand
Waar Claus die Belgen liet huilen
ende Merckx de bergen liet pruilen
Daar, soldaat van de Oncy, daar is uw thuisland
daar vult Yves Leterme de krant
Waar de patatten in het frituur bakken
ende Jupiler wordt geschonken aan zatten
Daar, Oncy-vriend, daar is uw thuisland
daar hoort Beatrix tot de hoogste stand
Maar hoeveel woorden men ook laat over de lage landen
hoe vaak men zijn hart ook met chauvinisme laat branden
Vergeet niet dat het uiteindelijk op één ding duidt
De Oncyclopedia Neerlandica, die u in uw hart sluit

Nature in Oncyclopolis
Oncyclopedia wishes everyone a very good 2012!
  • The Union Against Youngsterbullying is acting in 2012 rock hard and without mercy.
  • A child has been named by a source from Oncyclopedia on 8 January.
  • An Oncyclopedian has succeeded to become a General by writing 100 featured articles.
  • Statistics of 2011 are published.
  • The 2222nd article is written.
Onnieuws.png OnNieuws
The one and only Oncyclopedic press-agency for all the news that maybe isn't news at all.
Onboeken.png OnBoeken
Books, freshly sorted by the librarian for you.
Soof5.png OnZinnen
A collection containing quotes and statements by famous and less-famous people.
Onwoordenboek.png OnWoordenboek
The state-owned dictionary that has room for small, sad oneliners.
Oncycloversiteit.png Oncycloversiteit
The free school for people who do not score higher than B. Elementary School Diploma required.
Onradio.png OnRadio
The radio station of Oncyclopolis.
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