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Welcome to the

Embassy of Hikipedia
Behold! The Brilliantly Magnificent Embassy of Hikipedia, the Finnish-language Uncyclomedia project.

About Hikipedia

Even if a thousand people believed nonsense, it would still be nonsense.

— Chinese proverb

Get outta my way, I'm gonna hang myself there!

— Finnish proverb

Hikipedia, the Finnish Uncyclopedia, is desperately striving to win the approval and acknowledgement of her foreign superiors. To further this noble cause, she has resorted to the cheap trick of putting up an Embassy at UnMeta.

» Foreign Ministry

Hikipedia — the Crown Princess of Hell

Projects of Hikipedia

Multilingual Embassies on UnMeta

Uncyclopedia (en) Bullet red.png Hikipedia (fi) Bullet red.png Naneshnameh (fa) Bullet red.png Desgalipedia (gl) Bullet red.png 日本語凸 (ja) Bullet red.png Necyclopaedia (la) Bullet red.png Çciclopédia (mwl)
Oncyclopedia Neerlandica (nl) Bullet red.png Ikkepedia (no) Bullet red.png Nonsensopedia (pl) Bullet red.png Desciclopédia (pt) Bullet red.png Neciclopedie (ro) Bullet red.png Yansiklopedi (tr)


You can threaten us! Hostage-related ultimatums take precedence.

Finland is somewhere in the middle

About Finland
Finland (aka Middle Sweden) is a surprisingly large and unimpressive area of forests, lakes and freely roaming mobile phones in Northern Europe right next to Russia. Famous for her severe climate, painfully introverted people, and uncompromisingly incomprehensible language, Finland has, against all odds and expectations, managed to create a disturbingly distinct national culture. We are proud to offer to the world the spectacularly awesome apex of Finnish cultural achievement: Hikipedia.