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Translation and Multilingualism.

List of Uncyclopedias[edit]

Here is the list of Uncyclopedia languages, no more*, no less**.

  • Language (e.g English)
    • Sub-Language (e.g American English)
      • Dialect (e.g Texan)

The current version of this list resides on requests for new languages and Babel. Page counts for all Uncyclopedias are updated daily at noon GMT on

English Language Family[edit]

True English Sub-Family[edit]

English Cipher Sub-Family[edit]


Pie Language Family[edit]

Germanic Language Sub-Family[edit]

Romance Language Sub-Family[edit]

Ancient Language Sub-Family[edit]

Finno-Ugric-Nonsensical-Blatter-Mongerel Sub-Family[edit]

* well, there's some nonsense as well.
** because it would contradict with the above point.

How to Translate[edit]

To translate an Uncyclomedia page from English to another language, like American or Swahili, visit Altavista Babel Fish, or Free translation.

Enter the English text in the box, like:

I like sandwiches, sandwiches are fine.  
I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time.

And translate it into Portuguese:

Eu gosto de sanduíches, sanduíches são muito boas. 
Eu gosto de sanduíches, eu como-as a toda a hora.

Then do Portuguese to French. Skip the original English. It wastes time, and there's almost zero chance of error across multiple translations. Yes. It's that good.

Les sandwichs sont mauvais, les sandwichs volent l'âme. 
Les sandwichs sont mauvais, les mangent avant qu'ils vous mangent entier.

Then go straight to Greek:

Τα σάντουιτς είναι κακά, τα σάντουιτς πετούν βme. 
Τα σάντουιτς είναι κακά, αυτόες τρώει πριν σας τρώνε την ολότητα.

Then back to English.

I like dog, with mustard and cheese.  
I like it very much, so hand it over please.

Translation Requests[edit]

Leave all translation requests in this section. Remember to sign and date all requests as they will be ignored in the order they were received.

Current requests[edit]


Filled requests[edit]


Ignorable requests[edit]

Please Translate this page into English. Thanks, Zombiebaron 09:26, 26 March 2006 (EST)