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Archive 1. Last edit on 21 september 2007.

Ok, the rats old crew has abandoned the ship they thought was sinking. Now i suggest a reorganisation. Let's keep the things that work, like requests for new languages and such, but instead of being a (parody of an) umbrella for Uncyclopedia, lets build into it a central communications center (The UnN) for the ***cyclopedia's, whith embassies for the different sites. Kind of like the intended purpose i think.

We could concentrate on Carl's wikis first and later invite the rest, or invite them all at the same time. Each wiki will build its own embassy(-pages) and there will be a forum where inter-***clopedian issues can be discussed.

Meanwhile, we could update the content. Suggestions:

  • Change all references to Uncyclopedia into references to the united ***clopedias. There can be made a page where it is explained what happened with the original plan (Uncyc being transferred to wikia & all)
  • A lot of Uncyclopedian articles on Unmeta are copies of (past versions of) Uncyclopedian articles. Is that necessary? A lot of them have nothing to do with UnMeta. Let's find a solution for that. (My suggestion is to remove them and set up links on the Uncyclopedia-page(s) to those pages on Uncyclopedia, but it's just an idea).
  • The main page has to be updated to the new situation and also the articles that relate to the former situation.

At the moment there are 4 new people ready to work on things (Kohl, Assyrius, Vsotvep and me. Sorry, i forgot Alz :p). we're going to set up the UnN. It would be great fun for me to get this site up & running again. It would be a shame to leave it dead with no hope for the future. D. G. Neree 08:14, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

I'm going to work on the forum today. Hopefully it will be finished today, so there'll be a place to discuss things. D. G. Neree 08:14, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Deletion frenzy[edit]

As you all have probably noticed, I deleted about 157 pages. This where mainly articles that did not belong here but on the uncyclopedia. All this was done because of the revival we want to give this site as an international portal. Alzheimlich 21:58, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Uncyclopedia has left. In the time when UnMeta was created, Uncyclopedia was the only Uncyclopedia. Now it is not so. Although Uncyclopedia is still the biggest, there are many now.

Now the old crew left, but they didn't take their stuff with them. The idea of UnMeta, i guess, is to be a parody on Metawiki/wikimedia. The Uncyclopedia articles here were a waste of space and very confusing. If Uncyclopedia has left, then there is no need for all these articles. The site is going to be used by many ***clopedia's now (i hope) and the articles should be related to UnMeta, not to one site (Uncyclopedia) and above all, not a depository of uncyclopedia-articles, possibly old versions too. Meta should not be a poor extension of an encyclopedia imo. But maybe we should find a nice way to link to different outstanding articles on the different ***pedias.

so the different embassies can present themselves on subsequent pages

The pages that were now deleted will be replaced with UnMeta-related content. D. G. Neree 22:11, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

To do[edit]

(please feel free to add things to the list or to make it shorter)

  • Think about the infrastructure (Take a look at Metawiki). Invent things
  • make userboxes for the Ambassadors & insignia (medals).
  • Finish the forum.
  • Upgrade all pages that relate to the old situation to the new.
  • Update the Main page. It hasn't been changed for a year.
  • write an invitation letter for all the ***pedias to build their embasies here and send their Ambassador(s).
  • send the invitation.


An userbox sample for ambassadors which requires writing only the prefix of the language of ***pedia is done. i use Language names, so the image must be uploaded in the name of language and in gif format (ex: English.gif), that could be a problem later. As an image i suggest using the flag or logo of that ***pedia, colors havent been determined yet, but we can change it easily. Also i made an alternative userbox, which allows adding images ang changing colors, borders, texts...etc. i didnt replaced that with the current one because it's in use, so i've created in another name. (we can replace it or rename it) Anyway, we can use the same way creating boxes for insignias and medals too, but first we have to decide a concept for designing. About ranks, i suggest our 16 ranks, which are created for the news section of yansiklopedi. We dont need them anymore, they're no more in use because they were created for journalists only and nobody writes on news section! besides we already have 16 ranks and i have no idea how can i arrange them:) we can only change pumpkin buttons to potatoes maybe and use them, i dont know, we should talk about it later.Assyrius 09:03, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

It would be possible to create a template which, when given a language or country code, displays the corresponding flag. The #switch: function, as used in {{langname}}, could find the flag given the abbreviation. The flags are in various subcategories of common:category:flags and common:category:Openclipart signs and symbols/flags - most are .svg if they're the original Openclipart and not the parody versions. So

{{#switch:{{{1}}} |en=[[Image:Uk english royal navy historic.svg|20px]] |pt=[[Image:Brazil.svg|20px]] |ja=[[Image:Japan.svg|20px]] |mp3=[[Image:Pirate jack rackham.svg|20px]] | }} would choose one of: Uk english royal navy historic.svg Brazil.svg Japan.svg Pirate jack rackham.svg --Carlb 11:13, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Thanks Carlb, i've fixed that template as you told, it's more functional now:)Assyrius 03:36, 16 July 2008 (UTC)