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This is a list of known Uncyclopedia 'bots, by username and project. See also: bot for a list of robot types.

I, robot

Interwiki 'bots

A pywikibot installing an interwiki link
Robot Evil Overlord Unsuspecting Targets Mission of Infinite Destruction
ChixpyBot Chixpy ast ca en es pl Interwiki links (until 2007), various text replacements on es: only
Hymie Carlb bg bn bs cy et fa fi got hr hu ja ko lb lt lv mg mk nl no pt ro sl sr sv th tl tr uk zh-tw and info Interwiki links (non-Wikia), pagecount stats
KenbillBot Kenbill en es it ja pl Interwiki links, text replacement (only in :es, but if it is needed it can be requested)
Kjazhenbot Abc zh-tw Interwiki links (no activity since Aug 2007)
Qscgu9-bot Laurusnobilis ar ast bg ca cs cy da de el en eo es et fa fi fr got he hr hu id it ja ko la lt lv mg nl no pl pt ro ru sl sk sr sv th tr uk yi zh-cn zh-tw Interwiki links (until Jan 18 '08). Control and world domination. Last seen active on it: as a local 'bot only.
Sagaz (Moder Foca) Sagaz de en es fr it Interwiki links (except pt: - where Sagaz is either human or an admin and Moder Foca a local 'bot.)

Local 'bots

Robot Evil Overlord Unsuspecting Targets Mission of Infinite Destruction
10ur tr (mislabelled user)
Assyrius tr (mislabelled user)
Astalirande Amberblade Coco pt pt: User welcome text, interwikis, upload images, mark unused images to delete, redirects. See categoria:robôs for a list of Desciclopédia 'bots.
Autobot Wildlord th MediaWiki messages
DGXbot DGNeree nl (Inactive)
Edwardspec TalkBot Edward Chernenko ru Text formatting / replacement
Goldorak PiRK fr Page categorisation
HeavyBot Heavymachinegun it Text search and replace
HumboT HumbertoMC cs en pt pt: User welcome text, talkpage spam. See categoria:robôs for a list of Desciclopédia 'bots.
MechanicULTRA UltraJohnny pt pt: User welcome text, talkpage spam.
Ikarie XB1 Ervinpospisil cs: (Unknown)
Joke bot lt (Inactive, useless)
Juok bot lt (Inactive)
Marcobit Marco nl (Inactive, useless)
Matheus Wahl 2.0 Matheus Wahl pt Templates, série de artigos
Moder Foca Sagaz pt gl Welcome message, Text search and replace, Spellchecking
Otokermit tr (Mislabelled user)
PakornBot Pakorn th Spam reversion
Perebot Peremen ko, sv ko: templates, text substitution
Qscgu9-bot Laurusnobilis it Text search and replace, categorisation
RangerPfennerBot Pfenner it Wikification, internal links
Sanjibot Sanjilops it Templates, text substitution
SLBot Slbenfica pt No longer active.
Sosebot Sosekopp no (Inactive)
Steve Wonder Chernobyl pt Welcome message, disambiguations, text replacement
Terracota Terracota tr Bulk new-user page creation
TomsenBot Tomsen de German UnNews
UnNewsBot Olipro en Mass-creation of date categories for news, obsolete as of May 2006. See Uncyclopedia bots for a list of en.uncyclopedia 'bots, some of which are no longer active.
Vsot2 Vsotvep nl Bulk page creation, calendar generation
WendelBot WendelScardua pt Maintenance tags, user welcome messages
Xcnbot T89762615 zh-tw (Inactive)
額田倫太郎bot 額田倫太郎 ja Image descriptions

Flagged as robots in userlist

Note: The 'bot' flag is used solely to allow a bot's edits to be hidden by default from special:recentchanges. Its use is preferred if a 'bot is making a large number of repetitive edits, but the absence of the flag is not a guarantee that the wiki is free from the evil robotic menace.

All your base are belong to us!
ar ast bn ca cs el eo et got he hr id lb li mg mk sl sr tl yi zh-cn (none flagged)
bg bs cy fa hu lv ro Hymie
da Laurusnobilis
de TomsenBot
en ChixpyBot, Hymie (no longer active, as of July 2006), UnNewsBot (obsolete)
es ChixpyBot
fi Laurusnobilis, Hymie
fr Goldorak, Laurusnobilis
it HeavyBot, Qscgu9-bot, RangerPfennerBot, Sanjibot
ja Hymie, KenbillBot, Laurusnobilis, 額田倫太郎bot
jv None. All outbound interwiki links broken.
ko Perebot ‎(봇) Hymie (봇)
la Um... the Roman Empire of Cæsar had no robots in 0 B.C. All we had were slaves. Tell the kids that these days, though, and they just won't believe you.
lt Hymie, Joke bot (unused), Juok bot (unused)
nl DGXbot, Hymie, Marcobit, Vsot2
no Laurusnobilis, Hymie, Sosebot
pl ChixpyBot, KenbillBot, Laurusnobilis as robots of the Warsaw Pact, all use Reverse Polish notation.
pt Hymie, Matheus Wahl 2.0, Moder Foca, SLBot, Steve Wonder, WendelBot, Astalirande Amberblade
ru Edwardspec TalkBot
sk None flagged. Laurusnobilis (Qscgu9-bot) runs have been attempted, but half the outbound interwikis do not function.
su None. All outbound interwiki links non-functional.
sv Hymie, Laurusnobilis, Perebot
th Autobot, Hymie, PakornBot
tr 10ur, Assyrius, Hymie, Otokermit, Terracota (many of these are human users mislabelled as bots)
uk Hymie, Бот Інциклопедії
zh-tw Hymie, ‎Kjazhenbot, Xcnbot


  • Character encoding is 'utf-8' for all wikis in the Uncyclopedia family.
  • It is best to avoid using robots in the Forum: namespace, as any edits there will "bump" old threads, making them appear to be in recent use. The Template: (Predefinição:, Modèle:, Format:...) space is also best avoided when updating categories and interwiki links, as the robots currently appear not to be fully <noinclude>/<includeonly>-aware.
  • Special:Export is still adding spurious text "From (projectname), a Wikia wiki" on all Wikia-hosted projects as of Feb-Apr 2008. Scripts that use data from Special:Export (not api.php) will have severe problems, often re-inserting this text into the original wiki as vandalism.[1][2] Interwiki robots appear to all be shut down on en: since April 2 '08 due to this and other issues. See Forum:Wikia-credits block is spam for the full damage assessment.
  • Skin needs to be set to "monobook" (or "uncyclopedia" on en:) in user preferences for 'bot accounts; jv: sk: su: in particular will default to the wrong skin unless this is configured manually.
  • Fifty-two languages work at the moment (in both directions) as interwikis; the full set of links is listed on Forum:Interwiki links. meta: common: info: are not languages (and common/info links are both missing on Wikia), therefore should not be configured when using
  • kp: as a link to Kamelopedia only works from de:. It is not a language, but is displayed as one on that one wiki.
  • The use of nb:/nn: as individual dialects of no: is now deprecated for all links to Ikkepedia; no: should reach from anywhere.
  • It may be best to avoid automatically interwiki-linking across different namespaces. These links may in some cases be valid, but often they may merely be pointers to Uncyclopedia:CVP or similar dead-end pages. Links from article pages to lists of dictdefs are also best avoided, while links to Portaal:, UnBooks:, HowTo: or Hömppäpedia: pages are likely legit.

See also

봇(bot in Hangul), an evil robot of 백괴사전