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Ban Patrol

Welcome to the UnMeta Ban Patrol, where admins take care of any misbehaving vandals.

This page is for reporting the IP or Username of someone who seems to be blanking, vandalizing, improperly reverting, or otherwise disrupting Uncyclomedia! ARRRGH! Before adding an entry, be sure to check the list to make sure the IP/User hasn't already been reported, as well as (Blocked IPs and Block log) to check if they've already been banned by an admin.

To report someone, use either the {{IP|<username>}} template or the {{User|<username>}} template (also for advanced users: {{Range|<username>}}), followed by a short description of the problem. Also, it is mandatory that you sign your report with 4 tildes ~~~~.

For example: {{IP|}} Blanked [[:en:World of Warcraft]] --~~~~ Would show as: (TalkContribs (del)Block (rem-lst-all)WhoisCityProxy?WP Edits) Blanked en:World of Warcraft --Your name 00:00, 01 Jan 1970 (UTC)

IPs and Usernames to be Blocked

The Vandal's Sockpuppets




Currently Blocked IPs and Usernames

See Special:Ipblocklist.