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Welcome to Uncyclomedia UnMeta-Wiki! UnMeta-Wiki, within Uncyclomedia also briefly called UnMeta, is a wiki that is auxiliary to the Uncyclomedia projects and languages.

Serious rant with rules and guidelines what UnMeta and Uncyclomedia is: Policy for this wiki and Uncyclomedia policy


It was first created as "UnMeta-Uncyclopedia" in March 2006, as a means to make running Uncyclopedia harder by moving aproximately 25% of admin related activities (selected at random) to a second site and as a location for other crap (e.g. content about the Uncyclopedia website, its users, and their pointless political rants), as opposed to actual content (i.e. encyclopedia articles about boring subjects), to a new wiki.

You could interpret this as either:

  • Uncyclopedia's users and their politics are too important enough to have Uncyclopedia articles.
  • Uncyclopedia's users and their politics are soo dull as to warrant a whole new wiki so they we can wither and die.

As the number of Uncyclomedia projects and translations increased, so did the scope of UnMeta. As a consequence of its history, many of the older pages here are still worded as being specific to Uncyclopedia, but arguably many now apply to all Uncyclomedia projects. In the same way, the term 'Uncyclopedian' should often be interpreted as 'Wanker'.

Current purpose

It currently serves five distinct roles:

  1. Discussion and formulation of the Uncyclomedia projects, and in particular some policy discussion (just enough to confuse and confound people)
  2. A forum for pointless rants about politics and fuck know what (not necessarily from a Satirical point of view)
  3. A place to banish inter-language co-ordination issues concerning the Uncyclomedia projects
  4. A place to describe the bitch about the MediaWiki software and coordinate the half arsed attempts at a development process
  5. A consequence free place to libel Uncyclopmedia Users

The UnMeta-Wiki currently serves as one of the major avenues of discussion for Uncyclopedians, the others being the Mailing lists and the talk pages of individual articles.

Originally focused on the English language version of Uncyclopedia, UnMeta-Uncyclopedia has, since its upgrade to Uncyclopedia's custom MediaWiki software, become a multilingual bitch-fest although generally ignored by all the other Uncyclomedia language communities (thieving gits!).

Alternate Usages

The alternate uses of UnMeta are:

  1. A place for discussion about the Uncyclomedia Foundation.
  2. A place for the best bits of Uncyclopedia to come.
  3. A place for random namespaces to be placed.
  4. A place for SPOV.
  5. A place to be parodied by WikiMeta.
  6. The place where the cabal come.

What UnMeta is not

Almost all Uncyclomedia wikis have a 'What <this wiki> is not' page, whose intent is to exemplify inappropriate content for that site.

UnMeta is a disposal site for uncorrectable articles from the different Uncyclopedia, and it is a hosting provider for personal essays of all types. If you're looking for a wiki-based community, avoid Wikicities, or MeatballWiki's community list. If you're looking for free webspace, you can find a list here. If you want to build your own wiki, check out the list of wiki engines, wiki sparkplugs, wiki hubcaps and wiki transaxles.

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