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The truly magnificent, Uncyclomedia Embassy.

An Embassy for Uncyclomedia on Uncyclomedia itself? Yes of course, for this embassy is the mother of all Uncyclomedian embassies and furthermore:

The Uncyclomedia Embassy is truly one of a kind. Featuring hundreds upon thousands... upon millions of dollars worth of internet script, the Embassy is heralded by all critics as the best embassy of all time. However, making such a wonderful embassy isn't as easy as one may think.

The Uncyclomedia Foundation was responsible for hiring thousands of slave monkeys specially-trained workers, in order to begin construction of the massive web page. While the construction spanned only 36 hours, behind-the-scenes maintenance work is taking place nearly all the time. UnMeta technicians are constantly drudging through millions of lines of text, looking for any minor discrepancies; such as a broken redirect, or a slight HTML error.

Indeed, all of the people associated with the embassy and other sections of the Meta do a lot of hard work, and hardly ever get paid. But thanks to these blessed souls, the UnMeta embassy is a wonderful piece of online architecture. Most of it done in Wiki Formatting, the outer structure of the embassy is often compared to that of MetaWiki, and rightfully so. The Main Page alone showcases literally thousands of words, while all the inner pages include about 10 on average. Once again, the Uncyclomedia Embassy makes it evident to nearly everyone that it truly is, one-of-a-kind.

Popular attractions at the UnMeta Embassy include the much fabled "Euroipods" and the crowd favorite "AAAAAAAAA!." Other articles are sure to be on their way, and most users are pleased to hear it. Unfortunately, there are a few select UnMeta patrons, that refuse to conform to the superior ways of the Uncyclomedia Foundation. The users are often found hanging around near the pits of the embassy, in a room known only as "RFD." Luckily for you, these users are generally ignored by the greater Meta Republic, and are rarily seen during the day.

While the Outer shell of UnMeta's embassy should not be overlooked - nor overshadowed - there has been some rather amazing work currently being done on the inside. The UnMeta Embassy currently houses 1 top official: (Carlb from inside the Uncyclomedia Foundation itself. Abandoned by his comrades, this individual has continued to brighten the moods of many UnMeta regulars, and has ensured safety and security to an entire Web-based community.

And from here, so it will be sung in future songs, shall have come forth the UnN.


Ambassadorship is not a special rank, but an efficient way of connecting between the different pedias.

Ambassadors are chosen amongst cyclopedians who ensure lining up a regular connection between their community and Intercyclopedia. They are appointed or approved only by administration of their pedia in order to represent themselves on an international platform, so they should be chosen from ones who has influence amongst both administration and community, also their capability of managing international relations is important. Furthermore they should be able to understand their community’s will and demands very well, by the way their words should be agree with administration policies and common purposes. Ambassadors should have ability of correspondence and conversation, it’s so important for putting their duties in practice. Their prior duties include intimate care and extra free time. Bringing issues about their pedias to attention in Intercyclopedia, informing their administration about events and contacting with other embassies are some of the duties of an ambassador.

Preferably, ambassadors speak English, and as many languages as possible.

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